• Fibre Optic Illuminators

    We have a wide range of Fibre Optic Illuminators such as halogen, metal halide and LED types.

    Some manufacturers call illuminators - "illuminators" some "light projectors" others "light sources" which mean the same thing being the heart and soul of the optic lighting system.

    We also have weather proof fibre optic illuminators suitable for most exterior APPLICATIONS therefore are confident we will have the appropriate illuminator to suit any needs.


    Are you looking for the best range of high quality fibre optic illuminators?

    If you are then you have come to the right place because Optic Fibre Lighting is the best place to buy a wide range of high quality illuminators. Optic Fibre Lighting have been in the business of supplying Architectural wholesale fibre optic lighting products for over 12 years. We know the business inside out and have worked with many of Australia's Leading professionals and non-professionals in making sure that all of their lighting needs are met.

    Lighting technology has grown and changed at a phenomenal rate over the last decade, and Optic Fibre Lighting have been there right at the forefront providing the latest advice on the very latest Lighting technologies . We understand that the power of lighting can have a drastic effect on the way people experience things, ranging from their emotions and to their perceptions. Remember Fibre Optic lighting needs to be integrated at an early stage of construction or design phase.

    They are just some of the large range of stock that they have available. You won't be disappointed with their large range of stock and the great thing is that many of these illuminators can be used for a variety of applications whether it's in a bar, night club, star ceiling, pool, landscape, Architectural building hi-lighting , you name it.

    To find out more about how illuminators can benefit you contact us today on 02 9534 4404.