• Fibre Optic Star Ceilings

    Fibre Optic Star Ceilings are truly amazing, tiny fibre optic cables are used to simulating shimmering stars in the night sky. Often one illuminator or light projector is used to create this effect spanning across an entire room or space.

    We have fibre optic star ceilings for residential home theatre applications through to large commercial night clubs or wedding halls with animated shooting stars and comets. The choice is yours.

    Starry Night Sky

    Are you looking for a brilliant starry night sky lighting effect?

    Starry night sky lighting is a brilliant way to add that dramatic effect you get from a natural starry night sky. This kind of night is a truly beautiful thing to see but the problem is that you have to rely on the weather to be able to see it. However, there is another way that you can get this great effect and i's with some quality lighting from Fibre Optic Lighting.

    You can get a simulated effect of this natural phenomenon that looks brilliant in any space or room. Imagine how great your night club will look with this kind of effect spanning the roof and the rest of the club. Imagine any other kind of event with this dramatic kind of lighting spanning the room.

    The great thing is that the application of this kind of lighting isn't limited to one or two applications. It is great for a variety of applications such as, home theatres, Cinema, RSL Gaming area, Wedding Receptions, Hotels Foyers, Indoor Swimming Pools, whenever the situation or event calls for this kind of dramatic effect. If you want to add a unique vibe to any event then this is a great way to do it and we are the right company to make it happen.

    Here are the Fibre Optic Star Ceilings that are currently being offered by Fibre Optic Lighting:

    • Custom fibre optic star ceilings systems
    • 90W LED 900 point custom star system
    • 40W LED 700 point custom star system
    • 10W LED 500 point custom star system
    • 5W LED 250 point custom star system

    If you want the best Fibre Optic Star Ceilings then you don't need to look any further beyond Fibre Optic Lighting. We have over 12 years in the lighting industry and are at the forefront of the current lighting revolution offering you the very best lighting technologies currently available.

    If you want to find out more then call them today on 02 9534 4404.