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    Our OPT-FLED-6W is a Battery Operated fibre optic RGB LED Illuminator which a portable for on the go applications & small projects supplied complete with remote, and a 12VDC mains powered Plug Pack in case you don’t want to use batter power.



    • Non-Weatherproof
    • Solid aluminium body


    Input Voltage:

    Batter Powered (8 x 1.5V AA Bat) NOT INCLUDED
    OR a 12VDC power pack INCLUDED

    Power Consumption: 6W
    Fibre Capacity: 125 x 0.75mm fibres maximum
    Dimensions: 85mm L x 63mm W x 38mm H

    Typical Applications

    • Portable fibre optic lighting
    • Hobby projects

     Product Code 

    6W LED Illuminator with 
    remote & battery pack & mains adaptor