• OPT-21D

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    We have a large range of interior fittings suited to a variety of interior fibre optic lighting applications.

    The OPT-21D is a compact fixed lens downlight fitting, secured through ceiling with spring clips.

    Available in a range of finishes, this fitting allows for the light beam to be focused. The fitting is also suitable
    for mounting in the base of a display case and illuminating upwards.



    18mm clear focusing lens

    Focus range 30° - 60°
    Material Aluminium
    Colours available Polished aluminium, chrome, black, white
    Flange size 31 mm
    Weight 18.9 g
    Mounting hole size 26mm
    Mounting Recessed, held by springs
    Ferrules size M10 or 8mm smooth
    Min. fibre size
    2 mm
    Max. fibre size 8 mm



    • Colour change is standard
    • No heat at the light point
    • 100% safe to human touch 
    • No maintenance at the light point forever

    Typical Applications

    • Task lighting 
    • Downlighting
    • Display lighting 
    • Cabinet lighting
    • Shop display lighting
    • Illumination of paintings/sculptures 
    • Step lighting 
    • Up-lighting
    FittingProduct Code
    21D OPT-21D