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    Our paver fittings are suitable for use in a variety of different applications and are the ideal solution to floor level
    lighting both indoors and outside.

    The OPT-P7A / OPT-P7S is a large inground directional paver manufactured from stainless steel with clear glass.

    This paver has an internally mounted lens which allows light to be directed at an angle. This is the ideal solution
    where the light needs to hit an object such as a wall or a sculpture.


    Glass 84mm clear
    Material Stainless steel
    Colours available Stainless steel, chrome
    Flange size 97 mm
    Weight 917 g
    Mounting hole size 72 mm
    Ferrules size M10 or 8mm smooth
    Min. fibre size
    2 mm
    Max. fibre size 8 mm


    Paver fittings can be installed in many surfaces including wooden floors, decking, paving, stair skirting and


    • Colour change is standard
    • No heat at the light point
    • 100% safe to human touch 
    • No maintenance at the light point forever

    Typical Applications

    • Marker lighting for pathways and entrances
    • Wall washing, inside or out
    • Uplighting columns or archways 
    • Mood lighting in any room in the house, including wet rooms and pool areas
    FittingProduct Code
    P7A / P7S OPT-P7A / OPT-P7S