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    Fibre Optic Cables or (light guides)

    Are you in the market for fibre optic cable? Here are some facts to help you make the right buying decision. Fibre optic lighting is an increasingly popular choice for home and business illumination use owing to its many special properties.

    First, let’s look at how this lighting system works.

    Fibre optic fibres work as long lenses to transmit light from the source (illuminator) to the lighting fixtures. It consists of a number of fibre strands twisted a round a reflective centre core inside the cable.

    Fibre optic cables come in a range of types including end-emitting, side-emitting, side-sparkles, and bare fibre. Other variants include multi stranded and solid core.

    One nice feature of this type of lighting is that colour-changing capabilities are built into the system. Should you ever which to revamp your lighting with a range of hues, you can do it with a minimum of fuss. This is perfect for a bar or club owner who wants to quickly change the ambiance.

    Advantages of Fibre Optic Lighting

    Because of the way it works, fibre optic illumination produces no heat or UV radiation at the point of illumination. As a result, fibre optic lighting is suitable for use in areas where heat could be a problem such as in art galleries or food displays.

    Another plus is that these lights are weather resistant and durable. The light point features no moving parts or bulbs so there’s nothing to break. In addition, no electricity passes from the illuminator. This makes it ideal for use in wet areas such as spas, bathrooms and pools.

    Then there’s the matter of convenience. You never need to carry out any maintenance at the point of illumination. You only have to service the illuminator, which can be located away from the points of light.

    Getting quality fibre optic cable is at the heart of creating a unique domestic or commercial lighting system. One thing to remember is that installing this kind of lighting has to be planned right from start of any construction. So be sure to consult with and expert provider and installer early on.

    When you need the best fibre optic cable along with all the necessary fittings and accessories, contact Sydney’s Optic Fibre Lighting on 61 2 9534 4404.

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