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    Starry Night Sky – Swank Lighting for Your Home or Business

    Imagine the ceiling of your living room aglow with the light of a thousand stars twinkling in the heavens above. If you ever dreamed of your ceiling shining like a starry night sky, you’ll be pleased to know reality’s here in the form of fibre optic star ceilings. It’s also the perfect way to add a sense of drama and flair to any bar, club, hotel lobby or ballroom.

    The magic happens through the use of minute fibre optic cables that transmit light to represent the night sky. A scintillation wheel creates the effect of real stars twinkling in the heavens. You can also get applications to provide special effects such as shooting stars, meteors and comets.

    Starry Nights for All Occasions

    You can acquire fibre optic star ceilings for your home. Set it up in your living room to create a place of wonder. Or how about transforming your child’s bedroom into a planetarium? Your kids can drift off to sleep to the soft light of a million stars above.

    If you’re lucky enough to own an inside swimming pool, using star ceilings can help you create a feeling of being out in the open air.

    Starry night sky lights are ideal for any home. But commercial users have myriad applications to use them in their businesses to attract and keep customers.

    If you’re a bar, lounge or night club owner, picture how cool your premises will look with a dazzling starry night sky simulation. It creates just the right ambiance for the punters to relax and feel good. When you’re looking to create a relaxing vibe for people to unwind, it doesn’t get any better than this.

    Likewise, if you’re a hotel owner, think about how you attractive a starry night sky would be for wedding receptions and other special occasions. It can bring a real sense of magic to any engagement, wedding, birthday or anniversary celebration.

    The good news is that it doesn’t break the bank. Compared to other types of surface dressing, fibre optic star ceilings represent excellent value.

    Are you ready to brighten up your rooms with a starry night sky? Contact Sydney’s Optic Fibre Lighting on 61 2 9534 4404 for full details of the best systems.

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