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    Introducing the Illuminator, the Heart of Fibre Optic Lighting

    If you’re planning to install fibre optic lighting in your home or business premises, give a lot of thought to the fibre optic illuminator. This is the heart of any fibre optic lighting system as it’s the component that actually creates the light that the cable carries to the point of illumination.

    Also known as light projectors or light sources, illuminators feature a range of light sources including incandescent lamps, usually halogen, or gas discharge lamps. Halogen units are cheaper and more compact but produce less overall light. Gas discharge is more powerful and used when special effects or decoration is needed.

    Multiple light points can be connected to one illuminator, which makes for a flexible system that’s very energy efficient. It’s also safe as no heat or electricity is carried to the illumination points. The fibre cable carries only light.

    Exterior Illuminators

    To light up your garden, deck, patio or poolside, you can get weatherproof fibre optic illuminators. This allows you to place it much closer to the point of illumination and not worry about damage from rain or pool water. The fibre optic lights will then imbue your swimming pool with an enchanting glow.

    Fibre Optic Lighting

    This modern lighting technology brings many advantages to any home or business. Other than providing basic illumination, it offers a versatile and easy way to create and control mood and ambiance. That makes it ideal for use in home as well as clubs and bars where you want to establish a relaxing setting for your patrons to unwind.

    Whenever you’re investing in fibre optic lighting, you need to get professional advice about illuminators and other matters early on. That ensures you get the right system for your needs.

    Consult a fibre optic specialist at the beginning, and you’ll get an expert opinion to help you get just the system you need. Be sure to buy an illuminator from a company with a good name and status in the industry. Your fibre lighting contractor or supplier will be able to advise you.

    When you’re searching for the right illuminator, contact Sydney’s Optic Fibre Lighting on 61 2 9534 4404 for expert advice.

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