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    Get your Own Starry Night Sky

    Few things are as relaxing and beautiful as the sight of a starry night sky overhead. Just imagine, then, being able to create such a glittering spectacle in any room either in your home or business premises.

    It’s possible through the alchemy of fibre optic lighting systems, which transform the light from a few bulbs or LEDs into a glittering pantheon of stars. Just think of the applications for this wonderful starry night sky technology.

    Nurseries and Children’s Rooms

    Let your children drift off to sleep with the heavens glowing overhead. It’s wonderfully relaxing and a real joy for kids. Older children can enjoy the Star Wars feel these displays offer.

    Relaxing Living Rooms

    Adults, too, love the night sky and it creates the perfect ambiance to unwind after a hard day. It’s ideal in your home theatre, den or playroom as well. Plus it’s perfect to create that special mood for parties, dinners and other get togethers in your home.


    Running a bar it tough nowadays. It’s hard to keep the punters feeling good and there’s lot of competition out there. Get an edge with a starry sky. Your customers will feel so good they’ll never want to leave.


    Nightclubs depend on having the right groove to keep the punters coming back and what could beat the sensation of dancing under a romantic starlit sky? It’s sure to keep them coming back again and again.

    Wedding Parties

    On the happiest day of their lives, the married couple deserves everything special. What could beat a rich and relaxing starry night sky overhead?

    Setting up a starry night sky is very straightforward. You just need an illuminator to provide the light source and the special fibre optic cable to carry the light to the required space above and produce the required display.

    Illuminators come with either IR or RF remote control system so you can change colours and add effects such as twinkling. You can get complete kits bundled with lengths and types of fibre optics.

    Are you ready to brighten up your rooms with a starry night sky? Contact Sydney’s Optic Fibre Lighting on 61 2 9534 4404 for full details of the best systems.

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