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    The Lowdown on Fibre Optic Cable

    These are exciting times in the world of lighting and few technologies are as exciting as fibre optic cable. It offers lighting designers and engineers a fast and simple way to create illumination with some unique effects.

    If you're involved in architectural lighting, special effects lighting, interior or retail design or landscape and pool lighting, fibre optic lighting is right for you. Just be sure to get quality fibre optic cable.

    Fibre optic cables come in a range of types such as end-emitting, side-emitting or side-sparkle. They come with colour changing capabilities for maximum flexibility, they’re extremely energy efficient, and are weather proof.

    Here are some smart ways to use fibre optic cable to create lighting solutions for a range of situations.


    Fibre optic lights can replace your regular light and also create moods for each room. They’re perfect for use in bathrooms, as you don’t have to worry about them getting wet.

    Hotels and Spas

    Fibre optics offers you an unlimited palette to create moods for any part of your premises. Picture a massage room with ceiling lights providing a gentler illumination in the form of star bursts, for example. Other options include dazzling chandeliers in your lobby. You can also create a range of configurable moods in each of your rooms and suites.

    External Delights

    Imagine turning a dull patio, yard or poolside into a fiesta of light and colour. Using fibre optic lights can make it happen easily. Fibre optic cables carry no heat or electricity so are perfectly safe in outdoor settings.

    These are just a few of the ways fibre optics can light up your world. They can also transform shops, restaurant, galleries, bars and clubs.

    When sourcing the right fibre optic cable for your needs, be sure to do so right at the beginning of your venture. To get the best results, this kind of lighting should be carefully planned.

    When you need the best fibre optic cable along with all the necessary fittings and accessories, contact Sydney’s Optic Fibre Lighting on 61 2 9534 4404. We’re committed to providing Australian professionals and non-professional with the very latest LED Lighting products.

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