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    Choosing the Right Fibre Optic Illuminator

    Fibre optic illumination offers you a vast range of options for innovative lighting designs for home and business use, both internal and external. However, you need to use quality equipment for the best results. In particular, choosing the right illuminator is vital for a successful fibre optic lighting system.

    The Scope of Fibre Optic Lighting

    In homes, fibre optic illumination can create rich and varied effects in kitchens and bathrooms, and can transform your bedroom or living room into your personal planetarium.

    In commercial settings, fibre optics offer limitless creative potential to create dazzling spaces in businesses hotels, spas, shops and galleries. The possibilities are endless; all you need is a quality illuminator and the right fibre optic cable.

    The Illuminator

    The engine of a fibre optic lighting system is the illuminator. As the name suggests, it’s the source of the light that the fibre optic cable carries. Also known as a light projector or a light source, the illuminator sends light from a halogen, metal halide or LED source into the fibre optic cables, which carry it to its destination.

    Illuminators feature a colour wheel that allows you to remotely and easily change the colour of your lighting. It’s the perfect way to change moods and ambiance quickly and easily.

    If you need to locate your illuminator outdoors, you can choose a waterproof model.

    Endless Creativity

    Fibre optic light systems offer matchless potential for creativity and let your form wonderful areas of light. However, the systems do have to planned carefully from the start.

    For one thing, when you install fibre optic lighting, the whole setup can be sealed permanently as there are no bulbs to replace. That lets you place the fibre ends anywhere such as in a wall or ceiling.

    When you’re in the market for an illuminator and fibre optic cable, be sure to get in touch with experts Sydney’s Optic Fibre Lighting to get advice on setting up your system. We can then supply just the right equipment to fit your requirements.

    When you’re searching for the right illuminator for your needs, contact Sydney’s Optic Fibre Lighting on 61 2 9534 4404.

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