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    Get The Starry Night Sky Effect On Your Ceiling

    Do you want to get that starry night sky effect?

    This effect looks truly brilliant. In fact, it’s nothing short of dazzling. The typical night sky looks beautiful but you have to rely on the weather to be able to truly marvel in this effect and its beauty. However, using the latest and greatest advanced technology from Optic Fibre Lighting you can get this dazzling effect on your ceiling with LED lighting.

    If you want to create this dazzling effect on your ceiling you are going to need Fibre Optic Star Ceilings. Using tiny fibre optic cables they can simulate a shimmering flurry of stars on your ceiling that will create a great atmosphere in any room. These are best for nightclubs, large wedding halls, but you can even use them in residential home theatre applications if you are looking for an extra effect.

    Just imagine what this will look like in your nightclub for example. Imagine your night club now. It’s a busy Saturday night, everyone is having a great time but you know that there is way for you to provide an even greater experience for your customers. Ultimately, that’s what you want to do. You want to be able to provide your customers with an amazing experience. This experience will certainly be amplified with a starry night sky effect glowing from the ceiling.

    This will create such an amazing atmosphere for your customers. One that will help provide them with a unique experience, one that they’ll want to keep coming back to your nightclub to experience time and time again. There is a number of Fibre Optic Star Ceilings that you can get with us including:

    • 100W halogen 300 point custom star kit
    • 150W halide 1000 point custom star kit
    • Custom fibre optic star ceilings
    • 100W halogen 500 point custom star kit
    • 150W halide 750 point custom star kit
    • 10W LED 500 point custom star kit
    • 5W LED 250 point custom star kit

    If you want this dramatic starry night sky effect then get in touch with us today. Pick up the phone today and call 02 9534 4404.

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