Custom fibre optic star ceilings

Fibre optic star ceilings are a spectacular special effect that will transform any  surface into a visual feast that evokes wonder and admiration.

The most important features of a fibre optic star ceiling system is their low cost in comparison with any alternative surface dressing, both in terms of installation and maintenance.

Because these are customised systems, the length, diameter and total number of fibre points can be adjusted to suit any particular application.

Animation & Effects

Most fibre optic star ceiling systems are supplied with a twinkle scintilation wheel which creates a twinkle like effect similar to a real night sky.

Shooting stars or meteor trails are also able to be reproduced using a specially designed fibre optic harness. The shooting stars can simply fade out when it reaches the end of its path, or an explosion can be created providing amazing and fascinating effects.
Typical Applications

  • Cinemas
  • Gaming rooms
  • Reception halls
  • Home theatres
  • Bedrooms


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