The OPT 27H downlight fitting allows an airtight seal to be maintained within a display case when using fibre optics. These fittings are made from aluminium and the air seal is maintained by a series of three o-rings around the flange, eyeball and ferrule. The ferrule is tightened fully onto the fitting and the focus adjustment is made using the trumpet. The further onto the ferrule the trumpet is screwed, the wider the beam. The tight tolerances attained during manufacture help ensure many years of reliable operation.


Glass Domed focusing Lens
Material Aluminium
Colours available Polished aluminium or chrome
Flange size 29 mm
Weight 58.3 g
Mounting hole size 37 mm
Ferrule size M10
Min. Fibre size 2 mm
Max. fibre size 8 mm
Item Number Product Code Description
55120 OPT-27H-A Polished aluminium hermatic downlight with domed focusing lens
55121 OPT-27H-C Chrome aluminium hermatic downlight with domed focusing lens

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