We have a large range of interior fittings suited to a variety of interior fibre optic lighting applications.

The OPT-4DS / OPT-4DA is a small surface mount, trumpet style downlight. Supplied with mounting bracket.

Available in a range of finishes, this fitting can be rotated and tilted to point directly at any objects to be
lluminated. The light beam from this fitting is focusable. Also suitable for mounting in the base of a display
case and illuminating upwards. Suitable for use where access above or below the mounting surface is not


  • Colour change is standard
  • No heat at the light point
  • 100% safe to human touch
  • No maintenance at the light point forever

Typical Applications

  • Task lighting
  • Downlighting
  • Display lighting
  • Cabinet lighting
  • Shop display lighting
  • Illumination of paintings/sculptures
  • Step lighting
  • Up-lighting


Lens 26mm clear focusing lens
Focus range 20° - 45°
Material Aluminium or Stainless steel
Colours available Polished aluminium, black, white polished stainless steel
Trumpet size 30 mm
Tilt 180°
Weight 52.8g (stainless steel) 29.6g (aluminium)
Mounting M6 screwfix with bracket
Ferrules size M8
Min. fibre size 2 mm
Max. fibre size 6 mm
Item Number Product Code Description
55193 OPT-4DS Mini stainless steel Eyeball Bracket M8
55194 OPT-4DA Mini aluminium eyeball bracket M8

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