Our submersible eyeball fitting range which are all suitable for installation in constant immersion environments such as swimming pools, ponds and water features.

The OPT-E1 is a large submersible eyeball fitting manufactured from stainless steel with a unique 2 part clear focusing lens which dramatically reduces the risk of water ingress.

Available with a backnut for fixing through a panel or backbox for fitting into CP2 pool pipe for more accurate
and easier installation.


  • Colour change is standard
  • No heat at the light point
  • 100% safe to human touch
  • No maintenance at the light point forever

Typical Applications

  • Swimming pools, either indoor or outdoor
  • Baths and spas
  • Ponds and other aquatic features

Use of a separate backbox means that they can be pre-fitted when concrete is being poured or retro fitted into existing stone or concrete. A wide flange allows superior sealing against smooth surfaces. The eyeball part of the fitting is sealed against water ingress with an o-ring compressed by a locking ring.


Glass Focusing eyeball
Focus range 20° - 40°
Material Stainless steel
Colours available Natural
Flange size 68 mm
Weight 913 g
Ferrules size M10 or 8mm smooth
Min. fibre size 2 mm
Max. fibre size 8 mm
Item Number Product Code Description
55226 OPT-E1 Large Eyeball M10
55227 E1 Black Box Back Box

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