Side emitting fibre cable is a safe alternative to neon. It can change colour, is virtually unbreakable and is energy efficient. Because no electricity is present within the cable itself, it is suitable for interior and exterior applications, is UV protected and has an algaecide and fungicide treated exterior jacket for maximum durability against the elements.

Side emitting fibre cable consists of multiple 0.75mm polymer fibres twisted within a clear jacket. The fibres are twisted around a highly reflective PVC internal core which offers flexible stability with maximum light output.

Minimum order quantity: 10M

Typical Applications

  • Building hi-lighting
  • Stair nose lighting
  • Neon type applications
  • Signage lighting
  • Pool perimeter lighting
  • Pelmet and cove lighting



Item Number Product Code Description
50210 SG-42 Stranded side emitting fibre cable with clear jacket 9.5mm outer diameter - 42 x 0.75mm fibres (150m roll)
50220 SG-84 Stranded side emitting fibre cable with clear jacket 12.6mm outer diameter - 84 x 0.75mm fibres (150m roll)

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