Side sparkle fibre cable

Side sparkle fibre cable is an innovating fibre optic lighting product designed for decorative lighting applications such as curtains, chandeliers, window displays, multi-sensory environments and feature lighting.

Its revolutionary design uses advanced LASER technology to chip the fibres along its length during the manufacturing process which results in an amazing ‘sparkle’ effect once the cable is illuminated.

Each cable consists of multiple 0.75mm side sparkle fibres within a clear protective outer jacket. This protective jacket is UV stabilized and is suitable for both interior and exterior applications.

Minimum order quantity: 10M

Typical Applications

  • Chandeliers
  • Curtains/Screens
  • Window displays
  • Feature lighting


Item Number Product Code Description
50110 TL7503 Side Sparkle fibre cable - 3 x 0.75mm strands (400m max roll)
50120 TL7514 Side Sparkle fibre cable - 14 x 0.75mm strands (400m max roll)

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